Data Backup Services Are Critical...

Data Backup Services Are Critical for Cyber Security

Data backup solutions are among the most necessary components of an IT strategy for a business, nonprofit, or any other organization. From business continuity to risk mitigation, a comprehensive backup strategy is what keeps an operation…well, operational. 

In this piece, we cover some of the basics, from the reasons that backups are so crucial to some of the ways you, your internal staff, or your outsourced provider can keep your systems working in any scenario.

Why Backup Your Data?

Audits and Taxes

A government agency comes knocking and you don’t have what they’re looking for…what are you supposed to do? This situation can be easily avoided if you take data backup seriously in advance of any audit situation. No one can predict exactly when Uncle Sam will stop by for a visit, but you can certainly be prepared.

Safety and Compliance

Many industries have strict regulatory frameworks that require data backup solutions. This offers two fairly obvious motivations for backing up your data. First, you could be at legal risk if your data is not secured properly. Whether you are working in healthcare or any other industry, you need to verify that your firm is meeting legal standards. Second, data backup and security allows you to keep doing business effectively. If you somehow lose critical records, how are you supposed to do business?

Business Continuity

Whether you are simply trying to reduce downtime and enhance productivity or are hoping to mitigate the dangers of a disaster situation (just take a look at the recent earthquakes in California), data backup keeps your organization functional. There are countless threats out there, but by backing up your data—or ensuring that your current provider is already doing so—you don’t have to worry. Peace of mind can go a long way toward helping you achieve your mission.

A Variety of Data Backup and Recovery Services 

On-Premises Backup

Whether you have one location or several, a dedicated IT infrastructure system can be built to house a complete backup of your systems and data. While this doesn’t mitigate all risk, it ensures all of your eggs aren’t in a single basket. Also, an onsite solution is easily accessible for both use and maintenance. The advantage here is the control you get keeping from your systems close to home.

Public and Private Cloud

The best cloud data backup service is one that is properly set up from the get-go. There are a number of public options—from Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure—and private cloud solutions that can be set up by your managed service provider. Which solution is best for you depends on the needs of your organization and the regulatory standards that must be met for your industry, but the cloud can be a great solution that lets your system be restored from anywhere to anywhere.

This list of reasons and solutions is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you a starting point when you’re considering a backup solution. Whether you work with an online data backup company or work with your service provider to create a physical, onsite system, it’s critical that it is working properly before you need it. 

Computer Technology Management Service (CTMS) is a data backup service provider that can find the best solution for your organization. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.