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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology reduces expensive telephone bills while simplifying workplace communication in the process. 

Get ready to say goodbye to traditional phone systems. The internet is becoming more important by the day and it continues to transform our everyday lives. For businesses, the way employees communicate has completely changed and that is mainly attributed to VoIP technology.  

VoIP-The Ultimate Business Phone Solution 

VoIP, otherwise referred to as Internet telephony, is the staple telephone service for companies all over the world. When it comes to business phone systems, VoIP technology is the gold standard as it offers a number of features that can help make our lives easier. Here are four of the primary areas that it aids businesses with: 

Improve Flexibility and Mobility

VoIP phones do a lot more than just give employees the ability to make speedy telephone calls. Users can integrate their favorite software programs including email, conference calling, and instant messengers. With a VoIP service, you can speak to someone over the phone while accessing other applications simultaneously. And the best part is that you can do this from virtually anywhere. More business may need to be performed outside of the office, but that’s not an issue when you have a VoIP calling plan. Just find access to an internet signal and dial long distance phone calls without the fear of racking up expensive telecom bills.

Enhance Productivity

VoIP telephone systems make multitasking easier than ever before. These sophisticated telecom solutions provide innovative ways for team members to collaborate on certain projects. Users are able to share documents with respondents, even while they are conversing on the phone. Additionally, you’ll be able to conduct virtual meetings with multiple people by dialing into the intuitive video conferencing system. And with a VoIP system from CTMS, you can expect only the clearest sound quality. We work tirelessly to simplify workplace communication with solutions that eliminate distorted connections, lagging internet transmissions, and dropped calls.  

Reduces Labor and Improves Safety 

No longer are you responsible for hardwiring a phone system to an expensive line. Installing a VoIP system is a seamless procedure. The phone connection process only takes a few minutes because all you need is the right platform and a strong internet signal. And since VoIP cuts down on electrical cabling, the number of fire hazards dramatically fall. Finally, VoIP technology is scalable, meaning that it aligns with any vertical movement that your company might endure. Administrators can add new workstations with minimal hassle and little expense.

Boosts Cost Savings

VoIP plans are much more affordable than any landline service would be able to provide. Don’t expect to see your phone bills skyrocket with outrageous fees. Customers pay a fixed cost every month and that’s only for the features that they sign up for. Some features can be added with no additional charges attached. And with VoIP, international rates are lower than ever. You won’t be responsible for paying for the minutes used. Instead, administrators will be responsible for covering one-time fees every time that a workstation needs to be added to the network. This alleviates tremendous financial stress as businesses will have more freedom to make long-distance phone calls.

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Computer Technology Management Services is your ultimate source for business phone solutions in Ohio. We are a team of problem solvers with more than 11 years of industry-leading experience under our belts. Every day, we make a relentless commitment to help businesses create the most efficient working environment. If you are in the market for a highly-functional phone system for an affordable price, then contact CTMS to learn all about our sophisticated VoIP solutions. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation with one of our certified experts!

When it comes to business telecommunications, you’ll need a reliable phone system to do a lot more than just make phone calls. 

We’ve come a long way since the traditional landline was introduced to the world decades ago. Technology continues to revolutionize the way we do business, and our telecom systems play a vital role in our everyday lives. 

Conducting business calls is only one small part of the many things we all deal with each day. Whether you own a small business that’s just starting out or you run an established company, it’s important to support your team with a business phone solution that has all of the capabilities they need.

This blog will show you what the must-haves are in business telecom technology. 

What You Need From a Business Phone Solution 

If you’re a business owner, you have a lot of responsibility on your plate. You have to make a number of important decisions, starting with which telecom provider you want to partner with. But it’s not just the calling plan that you need to worry about. The level of service is crucial, but you also need to make sure that the necessary resources are in place. 

To really maintain an edge, you must have a cloud-based phone system that’s equipped with the following features:

VoIP Transmissions

If you haven’t heard of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, you might be a few steps behind. VoIP is today’s most prominent form of business telecom technology. It’s no longer necessary to have an analog receiver to communicate with customers, teammates, or business partners. This IP phone system is supported by the power of the internet. 

Using a business VoIP service, you can gain an edge with:

  • An easier ability to scale
  • More mobile controls
  • Less maintenance and hardware
  • Fewer wires and headaches
  • Multiple communication outlets


VoIP phones come in a few varieties, but a private branch exchange (PBX) system is the cream of the crop. This virtual phone system can be hosted onsite or from a remote location such as your telecom provider. If you’re in the market for a small business phone solution, opting in to a hosted PBX plan may be your best option. Your telecom provider supports you with everything you need, giving you the ability to take advantage of all of the basic VoIP features for a very low price point. Users can control these features remotely. 

By logging in to your administrative portal, you can:

  • Manage the extensions in your network
  • Enable call forwarding and do-not-disturb capabilities
  • Activate conference calling settings
  • Contact auto attendant support

Powerful Internet Connectivity

An internet connection is a vital element for your business phone system. The internet allows you to transmit voice data in digitized packets. This gives you more bandwidth for your data to travel through. And the more bandwidth you have to work with, the faster your voice data will travel. 

The internet is also a critical factor in your call quality. Digitized packets keep your data compartmentalized so it doesn’t break off into an undesignated sound outlet. As a result, you’ll experience better audio quality. 

Reliable Phone Numbers

You can’t do much if you don’t have a phone number assigned to each device on your system. But that doesn’t mean you have to get a new number for every device you have to install. Businesses can keep the same number and add extensions any time they free up a new workstation. And since there are very few wires to untangle, you won’t have to deal with a frustrating connection. Just contact your telecom provider and let them know you have a new team member to bring on board. They’ll be responsible for getting your phone connected.

Flexible Endpoints

Today’s business phone technology depends heavily on endpoints. An endpoint is used to receive and send voice communications. Endpoints optimize the work of your internet signal, making it more flexible for data to travel from one outlet to the other without experiencing service interruptions. The most popular forms of endpoints are IP office phones, softphone apps, and mobile smartphones. 

Discover Your Treasure of a Phone System 

When it comes to business technology, CTMS is the gold standard. Our team works tirelessly to make your office environment as efficient as possible. Whether it’s VoIP technology, managed IT support, or cybersecurity, you can always count on CTMS to keep your team ahead of the curve. 

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us to set up your free consultation with one of Ohio’s brightest technology professionals! 

A buyer’s guide to more effective communication, higher levels of productivity, and a tremendous amount of cost savings.

Years ago businesses relied on traditional trunk phone systems and no one batted an eye. Needless to say that the telecom industry has made a dramatic change since those times. Nowadays, this is considered obsolete and completely useless.

In today’s age of virtual technology, businesses need a reliable phone system that is user-friendly, easy to set up, and comes with a multitude of functions. You also need technology that aligns with your overall business model. This can be a difficult thing to look for, but fortunately, the perfect solutions do exist.

When it comes to business telecommunications, there are two primary solutions to consider:

  1. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): multi-line phone systems supported by internet connectivity.
  2. Unified Communications (UC): Phone systems that are activated using cloud-based technology.

Both of these solutions bring a lot to the table, but you could only choose one option to fit the mold of your business. So how exactly are you going to make that decision? That’s what we’ll cover in this blog.

How to Hunt Down the Perfect Phone System for My Business

You really can’t go wrong with either VoIP or UC, but each phone structure comes with its unique collection of benefits. It really just depends on what your business needs most, but the first step is to find the right telecom provider to work with.

There are certain criteria that have to be covered so make sure that your telecom provider has the ability to:

  • Serve you with the right technology
  • Help any size workforce
  • Is able to provide customer service whenever needed
  • Support your company’s overall mission
  • Provide support that doesn’t break your budget

Once you’ve found the perfect partner, it’s time to deploy the right system for your team. These are the key things to look for when searching for a new business phone system:

Ability to Scale

When searching for a phone system, it’s important to take vertical movement into account. Whether you are running a small startup company or a corporate enterprise, you’ll need a system that gives you the ability to add or subtract phone lines. With a VoIP or UC system, you’ll be able to do this with ease. There are no location assignments that you’ll have to worry about. VoIP phone systems are user-based, meaning that if you need to add a new phone line to a different desk location, you’ll be able to do that without having to deal with a long set up. UC systems also work in a similar fashion. All data can be accessed through the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about getting your phone number changed, or planning an installation with your telecom provider. As long as you have the right equipment, you’ll be able to activate your employee’s new phone in practically no time.

Mobile Integrations

Wireless technology continues to dominate the world of business telecommunications. In today’s age, more and more business is performed on-the-go. Employees need an affordable and efficient way to communicate with others when they are traveling for business. Many times, you’ll probably have to make long-distance phone calls to relay some details to your team, and if you do this on your personal cell phone, then it can rack up your minutes on your data plan, thus resulting in more expensive telecom bills. Don’t expect to experience this issue with UC or VoIP. Most modern systems are compatible with smartphones. As long as you have access to a strong internet signal, you’ll be able to login to your network, dial in, and hold a business call with anyone on your team.

User-Friendly Controls

When it comes to business telecommunications, simplicity is key. Yes, it helps to have a state-of-the-art phone system, but sometimes there is such thing as “too much sophistication.” If you have to spend hours training your employees on how to use their phones, then you may need to adopt something that is more user-friendly. The office is not a place for inefficiency in any way, shape or form. VoIP and UC are very robust, but they are simple to set up and use. These multi-line solutions come without a lot of wires and frustration. Just plug it in and check out the phone directory that your company sets you up with.

Various Communication Outlets

In today’s age of digital technology, it’s best to have a variety of communication options. While it’s important to have an efficient way to make phone calls, that may not always be the most efficient way to get in touch with someone. Bottom line is that you can’t expect to reach everyone on the phone every time that you need to speak to them. With UC or VoIP, you’ll gain the ultimate leg up. VoIP phones come equipped with a variety of communication applications including video conferencing, auto attendant support, and voicemail to email conversions. In order to streamline communication in the office, UC systems take things a step further. Not only will you have the same features that come with VoIP technology, but you’ll also get to take advantage of instant messaging platforms to help make workplace communication so much easier.

Affordability and Cost Savings

Cost is usually the biggest concern when shopping for new phone systems. Telecom bills can get pretty costly as it is, so you want to find a solution that doesn’t break your budget. Since there isn’t a lot of maintenance with VoIP or UC, you can expect very low service charges. As an added bonus, you’ll also get the expert guidance from your managed service provider. They’ll be able to work with you to get you set up with only the features and equipment that you need. In the long, run this will help you save a lot of money for years to come.

Set Your Business Up For Success With CTMS

When it comes to business telecommunications, there is no one better to have in your corner than an expert from Computer Technology Management Services. We offer the industry’s most sophisticated business phone services and managed IT solutions. Whether it’s VoIP or a cloud-hosted PBX system, you can always count on our team to set you up with a solution that makes perfect sense.

With CTMS by your side, you can expect a more efficient and productive working environment. Schedule a free consultation with our team and we’ll show you why.