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Federal regulators have made a few changes to the GLB safeguards rule. Here’s how you can achieve compliance before it’s too late.

Recently, the automotive industry was struck with a new flood of cyber threats. Over the past several months, many auto dealerships have been invaded by hackers from all over the web.

Certain surveys have concluded that hacking a dealership is easier than hacking a banking system. Across the United States, we’ve already started seeing a trend of dealerships being attacked by a severe collection of cyber invasions. Hackers have easily identified vulnerabilities in networks, penetrated an attack into their system, and confiscated personal information of their customers in resulting fashion.

Don’t be surprised if you to see a steady drop in car the car dealership business soon. According to a study by Total Dealer Compliance, nearly 84% of consumers said that they would not purchase cars from dealerships that were compromised by data breaches. Fortunately, there are preventable actions you can take in order to combat these issues. With the right resources and information, you’ll be able to fend off cyber invasions with ease.

If you are a business owner, make sure that you are aware of where hackers can stem them their attacks from. These are some of the factors and effects of this recent wave of cyber hazards that you should be especially mindful of:

Outdated Technology:

An obsolete computer system doesn’t stand much of a chance against today’s most advanced threats. Over time, technology will start to rust away and expose more vulnerabilities in an open setting. If you are operating with infrastructure that hasn’t been updated for years, then you may be an easy target for a hacker to prey on.

Lack Of Cybersecurity Support:

It’s important to have a strong line of defense protecting your most critical infrastructure. When it comes to security monitoring and management, you should have a managed IT team watching your network in real time. They’ll be able to spot threats when they are on the horizon and steer the issue away with ease in an immediate fashion.

Inability To Adapt To New Mobile Technology:

In today’s age, mobile technology is pivotal. More and more companies are performing business on the go from their laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. Unfortunately, this expands the threat landscape to mobile property that your company owns as well. Make sure you have a managed IT service protecting your mobile and wireless networks as well.

Late Discoveries Of Data Breaches:

When it comes to threat detection, your network must be monitored in real-time. Unfortunately, some auto dealerships come face to face with a security breach before they have the opportunity to respond. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have to practice disaster recovery. Assemble a security system that will detect hazards as they emerge.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve And Stay Out Of Harm’s Reach:

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