Why Outsource Your IT Services?

Why Outsource Your IT Services_

What is a managed service provider? Many companies have internal IT staff who handle the day-to-day maintenance of their systems, manage end-user support, and generally keep things functional. This can work for smaller organizations with only a few workstations, but as your business grows, support with more reach and expertise becomes critical.

An IT managed service provider {MSP} handles all things IT, from cyber security to your email platform and every system critical for your operation. An MSP can work independently or in conjunction with your existing staff to create a tailored solution that meets your needs.

How a Managed Security Service Provider Keeps You Safe

While an internal IT staff will likely have some experience with cyber security, their capabilities are inherently limited. Unless you’re employing a massive IT department (unlikely for most companies) an MSP will have far greater expertise and resources to deal with cyber threats. 

Cyber security is often one of the core competencies of a good MSP. Not only can they keep you safe from threats like malware attacks, but they will often offer training solutions or consulting on company policy. Well-educated employees are your first line of defense against threats. An MSP can help ensure that your organizational policy and employee practices are up to snuff.

Depending on your industry, regulatory compliance can also be a major factor. Certain regulatory frameworks like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act {HIPAA} and Payment Card Industry {PCI} exist to protect confidential information, among other things. If your security profile is not up to these standards, your organization may be at legal risk. While compliance is not a standard service offering through many MSPs, it should be considered when choosing a provider.

Efficient Communications With Managed Network Services

Outside of security, a critical component of any operation is their communications infrastructure. From VoIP phone systems to wireless networking, an effective MSP will be able to create the network infrastructure that allows your organization to function.

Capabilities vary from MSP to MSP, which is why it is critical to communicate your needs before signing on the dotted line. Imagine if half of your employees knew how to write and the other half simply used images to communicate. Your operations would grind to a halt, right? An improperly set up communications infrastructure poses similar, though less comical, problems. 

Managed Services Solutions in Eastern Ohio

Security and communications are just two aspects of a complete IT strategy. You could be leveraging the cloud, employing effective business continuity planning, using geolocation and other technologies, and much more. The only way to fully take advantage of technology to meet your business goals is to consult with a qualified managed service provider. 

Computer Technology Management Services is one of the premier MSPs serving Eastern Ohio and the Pittsburgh region. To learn about our capabilities and where we could fit into your business strategy, let’s connect!