Windows 7’s Biggest Security Is...

Circle your calendars for January 14, 2020. On that day, Windows 7 will become a thing of the past and your network could face some very serious dangers if you don’t upgrade your operating system (OS) before then. 

It won’t be long until Microsoft takes Windows 7 off life support. Since this operating system (OS) is nearing its final days, many businesses have begun taking advantage of the latest and greatest collection of office utilities—Windows 10. But users aren’t moving to Windows 10 solely to upgrade their software. The fact is, the cyberthreat landscape is becoming increasingly dangerous, and if you fail to move on from Windows 7, be prepared to confront a toxic mess on your computer system. 

The Top Security Risks Windows 7 Causes 

You may still have six months to prepare for [Windows 7 End of Life], but it’s never too early to practice some necessary risk management. If you’re not careful and neglect to make the switch to Windows 10 on time, you can open the door to a host of cybersecurity issues.

The Spread of Malware

Malware is one of the biggest problems circulating on the web. Since Microsoft won’t provide any security updates for Windows 7, the likelihood of this OS experiencing a malware attack increases dramatically. What’s most concerning is that malware is just getting stronger and more malicious by the day. If you don’t ditch Windows 7 in a timely manner, be prepared to put up with a wave of viruses, data breaches, and expensive repairs. 

More Ransomware Viruses

Ransomware is the most dangerous form of malware found on the web. This malicious software has a mind of its own. If it breaks through your firewall, ransomware can automatically install itself on your Windows OS. When that happens, sensitive data such as credit card numbers, business reports, and customer information can be held hostage until the hacker’s ransom is paid. Don’t expect a security premium to bail you out, because there won’t be any unless you decide to upgrade to Windows 10. 

Disruptive Behavior 

Outdated technology can leave a variety of issues in its wake, but one of the most frustrating is a lack of compatibility. An alarming number of PCs still rely on Windows 7 support, and once End of Life kicks off, most of these computer systems will lose their touch. Expect slower applications, more compatibility issues, and very little peace of mind. 

Email Invasions 

One of the easiest ways to encounter a cybersecurity issue is through one’s inbox. Hackers try to introduce threats through a variety of email attacks. And since the Windows 7 version of [Outlook] has a security deficit, it’s a lot easier for spam, phishing traps, and malware viruses to make their way into your network, paving a clear path to your most valuable data. 

Take Advantage of Better Network Security

At CTMS, we are a team of problem solvers who do whatever it takes for you to get the most from your technology. We know that change can be tough, but we’ll make the move over to Windows 10 well worth it. 


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